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Real Estate Transactions

Purchases, Sales, Refinances, etc.
Real Estate Transactions
On any residential property transfer in British Columbia, Notaries are the final stop for completing the transaction. Our office partners with realtors, mortgage brokers, and financial institutions to facilitate the process. To get started with the documents for transfer, we would require the following:

  • · Purchase contract from your realtor
  • · Mortgage instructions from your broker or lender if purchasing with a mortgage

  • Sale
  • · Sale contract from your realtor

  • Refinance/Mortgage
  • · Mortgage instructions from your broker or lender
Millions of notarizations are performed each year in British Columbia. Trade and commerce depend on Notaries to be the gatekeeper and an independent and reliable source of the truth. Our office conducts notarizations without need for an appointment. Besides notarizing documents, we can also help you draft affidavits and stautory declarations. In addition, we specialize in notarization (plus translation and drafting) of Chinese documents.
Personal Planning
For many of your life's major decisions, you may often need to plan ahead. BC Notaries can provide three major tools of personal planning:
    Power of Attorney
  • · A Power of Attorney is used to appoint someone to act on your behalf for financial and legal affairs. According to your needs, we can draft either a limited-time or an enduring Power of Attorney document for you. The documents can be drafted to assign the attorney with specific duties, or to task him with general responsibilities.
  • Wills
  • · A Will is one of the most important pieces in planning your family's future. Having a will allows you to ensure that your estate is passed according to your wishes, as well as avoid administration costs and certain taxes and fees. We provide estate planning advice as well as help you draft a Will according to your needs.
Business Transfers
Whether you are buying the assets of a new business, or selling your own business assets, we can walk you through the steps. Here is how we can help:
    Asset Purchase
  • · Asset purchase agreement
  • · Due diligence on the seller's business (including tax inquiries, worker's comensation, etc.)
  • · Transfer documents
  • · Lease agreement
  • Asset Sale
  • · Transfer documents